High Definition Film Academy is set to release the music video for its 2018 Script2Screen Africa Theme song titled “I believe in Africa”. Below is the lyrics of the song:


I believe with my talent I can change the world

It’s my dream and I know, I’ll someday make a difference

There’s a rising, I can feel it. Something inside me is finding expression

Let it out, let it flow, Africa this is your moment



I believe in Africa X 4


We know the stories told, we know the picture that we’ve made of Africa

But that’s got to change

We’ve made mistakes we know, somethings we got wrong

But the past is in the past.

There’s a rising of creative, using out talents retelling our story

Let it show through our lenses

Africa this is your story


Yes we know we’ve got battles to fight so much mountains to climb

We’re prepared anyway

Frame by frame, one film at a time we can change the story

We can make a difference


Zumale Africa ! X 16


I believe in Africa (Continuous)