High Definition Film Academy Launches Its First Student-Centred Original Series ‘INTERNS’!

High Definition Film Academy is proud to present its first student centered original series,
INTERNS, designed to provide an opportunity for students who study at the academy to launch
their career in the film industry, by taking active roles as actors, cinematographers, screenwriters,
editors, directors, and producers, on a professional film/series production, while working with
and under the mentorship of seasoned film professionals with decades of experience.

INTERNS tells the story of Eight emerging filmmakers and actors who arrive GoldFlix Film
Studio for an internship program in high hopes, looking forward to savoring the glitz, glamour
and razzmatazz they have always identified the industry with and dreamt of, but their experience of
the reality of how filmmaking really works, will either dash their hopes or redefine their

INTERNS Series takes you behind the scenes of how a film is made, and how the film industry
works. From idea to story development, audition and casting, preproduction, production,
production, postproduction, and also distribution, shedding light on the Business of Filmmaking
and, all the drama, risk, humor, laughter, and emotional moments that comes with it. Each
episode of the series explores a new intriguing theme in the production process.

‘Many emerging actors and filmmakers lament the lack of enough opportunities in the industry
for them to show their talents on professional productions, this is the gap that our academy seeks
to fill, and we are thrilled to bring INTERNS the series to life’ says HDFA Founder and CEO,
Bright Wonder Obasi. “This series is a testament to the quality of education that HDFA provides,
and the talent that its students possess. It provides 100% practical experience for the students on
a professional film production set, while also affording them the opportunity and platform to
launch their career in the film industry and build their brands.

As new streams/batch of students arrive to study at the academy, the structure of the series has
been designed to introduce new cast and crew roles, so that as students finish from the academy,
they would have an opportunity to launch their career on new seasons and episodes of the
project, and build their portfolio.

INTERNS is set to hit your screens in April 2023, fasten your seat belt.

For more information, visit www.hdfilmacademy.com