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FILM HUB Nigeria

Film Hub is a community for professional and upcoming Actors & Filmmakers to grow their craft and career in the film industry, through participation in multiple monthly short film productions, Film competitions, Networking and connecting with fellow practitioners and industry professionals, while building their show reel & professional profile. Other benefits include opportunities to be on high end Film & TV productions, as well as get job recommendations and referrals from Film Hub/HDFA.


After sharing screenplays for the month with all members, Film Hub holds a 4-day practical filmmaking boot camp every month to achieve the month’s project from script to screen, creating Experience, Learning opportunity, as well as Visibility for its members. Day 1 is dedicated to rehearsals & pre-production, Day 2- film productions, Day 3-  Post production, and Day 4- Review of projects and feedback from professionals. The Boot Camps hold at High Definition Film Academy in Gwarinpa Abuja, and can also be accessed virtually by members outside Abuja.


Membership of Film hub is N30,000 quarterly, and (N100,000 for an entire year). It is renewable yearly or quarterly:


  1. Develop your craft through active participation in monthly short film productions
  2. Get feedback from professionals on your performances throughout the year
  3. Network and connect with fellow film practitioners and industry professionals
  4. Build your show reel & professional profile.
  5. Get visibility for your talent
  6. Opportunities to be on Film & TV production projects
  7. Recommendation/Referral opportunities
  8. Automatic 20% discount on all HDFA equipment and facility usage.


  1. Apply to Film Hub click HERE to pay your Application of N2000. After payment you will be redirected to the registration form.
  2. Attend a screening (physical or virtual) to ascertain your qualification for membership.
  3. If you are selected, pay Membership Fee
  4. Upon confirmation of completed registration, you’ll be added to the community.
  5. Join the community and start making films, and take your career to the next level.

For ENQUIRIES: Call or WhatsApp 08171152769 or email



  1. Is Film Hub a Film School? As much as Film Hub provides some form of training and mentorship to filmmakers and actors to grow their craft, it is not a film school. Rather, it is a film community where actors and filmmakers across all fields of the film industry meet monthly for the purpose of making films and getting feedback from professionals, networking and exploring opportunities for collaboration.
  2. How is Film Hub Different form HDFA? HDFA is a Film School for learning the rudiments, craft, and business of filmmaking. Film Hub is a film community for upcoming and professional actors and filmmakers to connect once every month (3-4 days), make films and share opportunities. While studentship of the academy can run for 4 weeks intensive, every day, 3 months or 6months, Membership of Film Hub is renewable yearly or quarterly.

  3. Who Can Join Film Hub? Upcoming and Professional actors, writers, cinematographers, directors, editors, producers, costume designer, makeup artist, production designers/Art directors, sound recordist, sound design/film score artist, gaffer, colorist, animators, visual effect supervisors, stunt coordinators etc., who are passionate about making films.

  4. Can Newbies Join Film Hub? Film Hub is a value based film community, where every member MUST be actively contributing something to the value chain, hence it is not a place for anyone who doesn’t know anything about filmmaking or how film works, the academy would be a better place for such person to start from. To be a member of film hub you must have some film or acting training or production experience as evident in your show reel, which is always required for membership consideration. However, new actors with outstanding talent can be considered.

  5. How Can I Join Film Hub? To join Film Hub you have to first apply via the online platform, and you will be required to submit a show reel to show what you have done or what you can do. The Film Hub leadership will screen your entry materials and if it meets the membership requirement, you will be offered a membership admission, then you can pay the membership fee, and be admitted into the hub.

    What Do I Benefit as a Film Hub Member? See membership benefit as outlined above

  6. What Is the Membership Duration? Membership of Film Hub is renewable yearly or quarterly, depending on your preference.

    What Does It Cost to Be A member of Film Hub? Film Hub has a basic membership fee of N30,000 quarterly or N100,000 for a full year subscription. Aside this quarterly or yearly membership fee, there are no other hidden fees or charges to members. Members are also expected to subscribe for a Film Hub T-shirt and ID card.

  7. Does Film Hub Sponsor the Monthly Short Film Productions in Full: Film Hub provides equipment & facility for all monthly productions by the hub. However, members might incur some cost during productions when it is beyond the equipment and  facilities that the hub or academy has, like to pay for locations, travels, gate fees, feeding, props & set, costumes, and extra equipment not available at the academy.

  8. Does Film Hub Guarantee Members Film Jobs? Film Hub is not a talent agency, and as such does not guarantee members film jobs. Rather it provides a platform and support for members to build their professional show reel and profile, explore job opportunities and collaborations, while also providing members opportunities to be a part of HDFA original productions, as well as other job recommendations and referrals

  9. Is There An Age Limit to Be A Member of Film Hub? You have to be age 18 and above to apply to film hub. However, Teenagers and kids can join the Teens & Tweens Film Program at HDFA.

  10. Where does Film Hub Meet? Currently Film Hub is resident and meets at the headquarters of High Definition Film Academy (HDFA), located at 2nd floor showroom 2XL Mall, 11 road off 3rd avenue Gwarinpa Abuja. Film Hub branches will open in a few select states after a while, meanwhile, interested persons not resident in Abuja can access the hub’s monthly activities via the online platform, or plan to join us in Abuja during the 3-4 day productions each month, whichever is most convenient for you.

  11. Who Are the Organizers of Film Hub? Film Hub is powered by High Definition Film Academy (HDFA), listed as one of the top 5 film schools in Nigeria.