SYNOPSIS: Set in the present-day political terrain and discourses in Nigeria, “If I Am President” tells the story of 37-year old Zinachi Ohams, the presidential candidate of the Nigerian Rebirth Party, a new party made up of young idealists and recently metamorphosed from a Civil Society Organization. The group make a push into the murky and rough political terrain, armed with little more than their ideals, and wade through challenges of nasty politically engineered attacks, to emerge as the party and candidate to beat in the elections. Written/Produced/Directed by Bright Wonder Obasi …TODAY is the TOMORROW we prayed for YESTERDAY!


SYNOPSIS: A young man is released from police custody and told where to find his lost sister. He found her and sought refuge in the home of a lady who has been keeping. A secret from her family.

Three young men posing to be front line film producers, pitched their way to a 25 million Naira movie production contract with an advertising agency whose Executive Director they had convinced to make returns worth six times his investment capital. The deal which is being facilitated by an upcoming actress and concubine of the executive director, forces the company to drift from its core business of advertising to film production, to the dismay of other staff of the company whose jobs are now on the line. Actual production sets in to reveal that the trio barley know how a film is made, and they have to struggle their way through the project to end up with a movie that no distributor in the world wants to associate with. Faced with an ultimatum to recover the investment capital within 72 hours or go to jail, they begin to deploy every tactics imaginable to get the movie sold.


SYNOPSIS: A devout Christian and Choir Leader must defy the provisions and doctrines of his church, and also risk losing his marriage, in order to save his childhood friend who has succumbed to life’s frustration and embraced prostitution as a means of livelihood.