Alumni Projects

By Prosper Edisiri

Produced by Gertrude Seibi [Oyako Celin Pictures]

Synopsis; A sassy crude young lady ,Zino, meets and falls in love with an older unassuming man, Donald, who is a widower and very close to his only child, I.b. I.b doesn’t approve of this relationship for obvious reasons but Donald insists and goes ahead to marry her. Zino moves in with Donald, I.b and Adesua, their help and nanny. Later, Donald dies and all hell breaks loose.

Produced by Bella Ike [BeFilms Studio]

Synopsis; A wealthy family on a vacation struggles to co-exist among each other. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they meet a plus size woman who is struggling to have her own clothing line. she rattles their lives in ways that are completely unexpected.