About Us

High Definition Film Academy [HDFA] was established in 2003 to frontier a quality and affordable film education for students around the world with a passion and irresistible drive to pursue a career in acting and filmmaking.

At high Definition Film Academy [HDFA] we offer an intensive, hands-on, total immersion approach to learning, no previous experience is required, because we believe “it’s in you”. Hence, we tap into your innovation potency and explore the blueprints of your hidden potentials, develop your talent by maximizing your creative abilities, and then unleash the genius in you

We achieve this by subjecting our student to a rigorous schedule of classroom lectures, hands-on workshops & immediate experience. Our philosophy is that “practice makes perfect”, and so from the first week of each program our students are introduced to practical; they start to write, shoot, and edit their own films. We allow them make trials and errors, make mistakes and correct them, ask questions and get answers; for us, that’s the only way to sp