Audition Opens For Script2Screen Africa Reality TV Project Season 2

High Definition Film Studio and Film For Impact Foundation have unveiled the 2nd edition of Script2Screen Africa, a film-making project with a mission to train and engage film-makers each year to produce and distribute films that tackle social ills across the continent of Africa, educate viewers while entertaining them, and hopefully pique effective action once the screen’s […]

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High Definition Film Academy unveils 2016 Edition of PROJECT SCRIPT 2 SCREEN

It Started out in 2012 and currently set for its 5th edition, Abuja’s foremost Acting and Filmmaking Academy and Nigeria’s top 5 film school, High Definition film Academy has just rolled out details for its summer acting and filmmaking training tagged “Project Script 2 Screen, 2016”(#HDFAS2S2016) – a four weeks intensive Acting and Filmmaking Training,

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Film Making

WHAT IS FILMMAKING?   THE FILMMAKING PROCESS The filmmaking process involves three main production stages, however it has five stages in all, viz: Development stage, Pre-production stage, Production stage, Post-production stage, and Marketting/ Distribution stage. The development stage precedes production. In this stage the screen writer writes the script and the producer hires the director

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Screen Writing

INTRODUCTION A screenplay or script is a blueprint for producing a motion picture. A screenplay differ from a script in that it is more specifically targeted at the visual, narrative arts, such as film and television, whereas a script can involve a blueprint of what happens in a comic, an advertisement, a theatrical play, and

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The Film Director

Directing has not changed drastically since the beginning of cinema. Since the birth of sound movies, the main phase of directing has involved the orchestration of the action being filmed, which assures that the action and dialogue correspond to a certain vision of the screenplay, properly transforming the scenario into action, light, and sound. However,

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Film Editing

INTRODUCTION Motion pictures are filmed in hundreds of brief shots, which must be arranged into a final product that fulfills the vision of the director and producer. Editing is the act of completing the pacing and narrative structure of a film and its sound track by cutting and slicing the shots together to make a

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INTRODUCTION Often times, cinematographers are artists with experience in painting and photography. The Director of Photography (DOP), also known as the cinematographer, works closely with the director and interprets the action of the story in terms of light, shade, composition, and camera movement. Other responsibilities include selecting the type of lenses to be used for

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