The Cinematic Marvels of June Unveiled!

Applause Echoed: A Spectacular Graduation Ceremony for the May Acting and Filmmaking Batch!

In an enchanting evening, the stars shone brightly as we bid farewell to our talented graduates from the
May Acting and Filmmaking Batch. With hearts full of pride and eyes brimming with dreams, they set
forth on their cinematic journey, ready to conquer the world.

Lights, Camera, Wrapped! Production Concludes for Season Two of INTERNS

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, the production for INTERNS season 2, a High Definition Film
Academy original series, concluded in June. Our graduates and alumni showcased their exceptional
talents, leaving the set buzzing with creativity and camaraderie.

Director’s Cut: Behind-the-Scenes of “INTERN” Season Two!

Get ready for an exclusive glimpse behind the magic of “INTERN” season 2. Unravel the tales of on-set camaraderie, the challenges faced, and the triumphs achieved as our graduates and alumni collaborated
to craft a masterpiece.


With a month packed with remarkable achievements and creative wonders, High Definition Film
Academy’s June was nothing short of a blockbuster success. As the cinematic journey continues, we
eagerly await the release of season 2 of INTERNS, and we are certain it will take the world by storm.
Until then, let the magic of cinema inspire, entertain, and captivate us all!

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